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" It is not your job to explain the passion you have to someone who does not share it. "

" I am a flame of a woman. I am ethereal. "

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Blessed rise, humans!
Here’s another look inside of my new book, “Love in my Language.” The pieces in this book alternate between long writings and poems. “Journey” is one of the more transparent pieces and I remember crying when writing it. What I did in this book, that I hope you like, is leave questions at the end of some of the long pieces and room to write out your thoughts and feelings. In addition to the journal in the back of the book, I wanted to keep the conversation going so that you, the readers, can find your love language.
Journey beautifully today!

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On the run (July 11)


On the run (July 11)

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contrary to popular belief, dry cleaning cashmere can actually be bad for the life of your sweater. the toxic chemicals used in dry cleaning can break down the fibers, and deodorant may cause discoloration. turns out, you should really be hand washing cashmere (it’ll be much softer too), so we…

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We are SUPER excited to announce our August 2014 cover star: Solange! Check out the full story here »

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