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We’re all hurting

'i cry everything out until i forget what silence is. sometimes i knock up against my own insides and scratch as deeply as i can. then i wait for applause. look how a girl loses her head and then attacks her body. i want to call her again but she has chosen silence now. she likes the way she looks in it. a girl with a pretty mouth and nothing that comes out of it. she likes that picture better. she likes her body spilling anything that isn’t anger.'- Almaal Said

A lack of need

'i tell my aunt, who is six months pregnant, that i want to be my own type of woman. i tell her that i don’t want the calls at midnight asking a man why he has not come home. i tell her that i do not want to do it alone, that no matter how strong i say i am, i will want to be held. i tell her i hope to keep my heart soft so that hate does not become me. she calls me ‘sweetness’ before she says, ‘sometimes God teaches you how many times the body can keep going, even when you feel paralysed.’- Almaal Said

Today’s ear game ✨👂💁 from @lovisajewellery #earcuff (I need more ear piercings) 😶

@fromawildflower Writing Challenge Day 3 

Elephant in the room

I have bad money management skills! Yes that is my big elephant in the room and because I live with my parents I think they just ignore this, because my father is just as bad I think. But this isn’t about him it’s about me. I noticed this recently because now I am I trouble with my gym account ( oops!) I haven’t paid it for two months and I can not afford to pay it now, I’ve tried looking for a job but University work is just too much. And I have recently committed myself to an organisation of training to become a HIV and Aids counselor. But I just came to realize the root of my problem while having a conversation with my mom about weight loss and eating more veggies again and it is dining out for lunch and dinner with my friends. I spend so much money on that and I am a very generous person I love to make people smile and I love to spend time at a restaurant eating and haver a lekker (great) conversation over some cocktails and yummy food. But yes I am confronting this elephant now and thanks to this post I can now actually tackle it.

@fromawildflower Writing Challenge, Day 2: Six Word Poem

All I know is, I Am.

@FromAWildFlower Writing Challenge

In the next five years

I would like to be a Master’s student in Clinical Psychology branching into forensics. Working and volunteering at multiple hospitals, NGOs and working for any good company that cares about the growth of psychology in Africa and about the welfare and overall mental wellness of people in the world. I would like to be more of a provider for the people I love be there for them and be a woman that they and I can be proud of. I want to be happier than I am now and I want to reciprocate all the goodness of God to everyone around me and everyone I will come in contact with. I would like to have travelled to at least to three different countries by then and have a relationship with a man (laughs). A wonderful spiritual man who love’s God with all his heart a man who put’s God first before anything and everything. Who loves humanity and all things created by the almighty. A man who is full of fun, is sexual and liberated.
I want to be able to to some kind of Ted talks to youngsters at high schools and church’s I want to share my success story or rather my journey to success with them. Last thing I can picture right now is I want to drive a Audi s3 or a Mini. Have a lovely townhouse and a walk-in closet.

Happy Beyday Queen👸 @beyonce #Beyday ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉🎈 #happybirthdaybeyonce 👑👑👑

I am going to miss my curls 😪

This day has been nothing but a #feelgoodday 😊😊🌞🍹🍦

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Fashion Plates


Refinery 29 has posted a fantastic illustrated slideshow −by Joana Avillez−of the world’s top fashion editors.

A sampling:


Pretty pictures and fun facts. Luv it.

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